Order Tracking

Order Tracking No.:MIC20190703-United Kingdom-40m Fog Cannon

 Transaction Country:United Kingdom Product Name:40 Fog Cannon 1.ZiBoDecent Machinery ,Ltd Received deposit from customer today, new order from customer in the UK. order tracking  Production 2.Fog cannon test before delivery. Transportation 3.The goods were shipped in mid-June. The workers put the goods into the container in strict accordance with the process and took reinforcement measures. The estimated loading time is about 2 hours. 4.Around August 26, the ship arrived at the port where the customer was located, [...]

Order Tracking No.:202101081011-Chile-Fog Cannon Body

1.2th February.2021-Chile-Cannon Body-Received customer’s back receipt. Fog Cannon 2.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and have been packaged and shipped. mist cannon dust suppression fog cannon packing fog cannon nozzle Transaction-Second Order Country: Chile Product Name: Welding Fume Dust Collector 1.17th June.2021-Received customer’s back receipt. Production 2.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and will be ready to pack and ship. Transportation  3.Expected to arrive in Chile on 14th August.

Order Tracking No.:SCY20201123001-Malaysia-Fog Cannon-DMC-40

Country:Malaysia Product:Fog Cannon-DMC-40 1.11th May.2021 Received customer’s bank slip 2.The production department has placed orders. 3.Cannon base and cannon bodyo had finished welding and painting treatment. 4.Production progress update every 3-5 days. 4. Test and product details. 5.Production progress update every 3-5 days. 6.The product has been packaged and sent to Qingdao Port. 7.The cargo will be dispatched from Qingdao Port onJUN.30. The sailing schedule is 8-10 days.

Order Tracking No.:101175736269-Italy-Fog Cannon

Transaction Country:Italy Produce Name:Fog Cannon 1.10th June.2021-Italy-Fog Cannon-Received customer’s back receipt.  Production 2.The workshop is waiting to arrange production 3.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and will be ready to pack and ship. Transportation 4.The goods has been sailed.Expected to arrive in Genoa on 5th September.

Order Tracking No.:202105201304-Qatar-Misting system

 Transaction Country:Qatar Product Name:Misting system 1.27th May.2021 Received customer’s bank slip. Production 2.The host part has been completed. Will continue to update accessories. Can be shipped after passing the test. 3.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and have been packaged and  shipped.  Transportation 4.Products have been tested before leaving the factory, and have been packaged and shipped.