Order Tracking

Order Tracking No.:2020050501-Peru-30m Spray Cannon

1.12th May.2020-Peru-30m Spray Cannon-Receive the customer’s bank receipt. 2.The goods are in production. 3.Horizontal centrifugal pump has been scheduled to arrive, wait for the motor to arrive for installation. 4.28th May.2020-Peru-30m Spray Cannon-The product has finished production 5.The goods are packed and ready to ship

Order Tracking No.:DECENT20200228-Thailand-Mist Cannon

1.16th Apr.2020-Thailand-Mist Cannon-We received the Purchase Order from this customer. 2.26th Apr.2020-The goods are packed and shipped. After the customer received the product, he placed a new order. 1.21th May.2020-Thailand-Mist Cannon-We received the Purchase Order from this customer. 2.26th May.2020-Thailand-Mist Cannon-Receive the customer’s bank receipt.