DECENT MACHINERY has been exported to more than 120 countries and regions Including:

Canada, United States, Mexico, Peru, Barbados, Belize, Jordan, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Botswana, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Jamaica, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominica, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Russia, Estonia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Senegal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Qatar, Rwanda, Lithuania, Lebanon, Romania, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kuwait, Uganda, Egypt, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Malta, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Bahrain, Pakistan, India, Cuba, Bhutan, Bangladesh , Afghanistan, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Nepal, Oman, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Australia, Mozambique, Austria, Maldives, Turkmenistan, Togo, Algeria, Turkey, Belgium, Cameroon, Ghana, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, South Africa, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Bulgaria, Kenya, Anguilla, Albania, Argentina, Bermuda, Bolivia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Botswana, Burundi, Switzerland, Serbia, Sudan, New Zealand, Namibia, Morocco, Panama, Mauritius, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Andorra, etc.

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Fog cannon Slewing support

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Fog cannon VFD starter

Fog cannon Slewing support

Fog cannon Silencer

Fog cannon Impeller

Fog cannon Hydraulic system

Fog Cannon class C

Fog cannon Cannon body rotating platen technology

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Fog cannon Bracket stability test

Fog cannon 30μm nozzle



When people buy something from China, they are afraid of two things.

First is quality and it is obvious. Second is communications. Because they think that if communication is not good during negotiation, in future in case of problems it could only be worse. Thus people are afraid if they see that answers take long time to arrive during negotiation, or if questions are not properly answered.

Many Chinese company do not know this and do many mistakes during negotiation. But we have long experience in dealing with customers from over 120 countries, so we know how to build up good communication with our dear customers. It is our job to create good and trustable cooperation.

Decent promises to conduct noise and physical inspections via video conferencing.

Decent Support all-round video inspection of product quality before placing an order, and support livebroad test machine.


Decent Fog Cannon can cover 30~200m spray distance, provide you with an effective, mobile solution for rapidly suppressing dust emissions from open areas, stockpiles and processes, using fanpropulsion of finely-atomised water droplets.

Their robust build-quality ensures long-life in demanding environments.Decent is the only supplier who could make real distance to be 200m in Chiese Market!


Application FieldCity disinfection
Product ModelDMC-80
Spray Distance80m
Horizontal Rotation Angle0°~270°
Pitching Angle-10°~45°
Water Consumption70~110L/min
Fan Power(Kw)22
Pump Power(Kw)7.5
ProjectVale of Brazil
Application FieldMine
Product ModelDMC-120
Spray Distance120m
Horizontal Rotation Angle0°~270°
Pitching Angle-10°~45°
Water Consumption220L/min
Fan Power(Kw)75
Pump Power(Kw)15
CountryUnited Kingdom
Application FieldStadium Cleaning
Product ModelDMC-50
Spray Distance50m
Horizontal Rotation Angle0°~270°
Pitching Angle-10°~45°
Water Consumption60~90L/min
Fan Power(Kw)7.5
Pump Power(Kw)4
CountrySaudi Arabia
Application FieldAgriculture
Product ModelDMC-80
Spray Distance80m
Horizontal Rotation Angle0°~270°
Pitching Angle-10°~45°
Water Consumption70~110L/min
Fan Power(Kw)22
Pump Power(Kw)7.5


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  • Production according to your drawing(2D/3D)

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  • High standard quality control- Testing video/Materials testing report/Welding/Testing report available

  • Tracking number for each equipment available






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