Feedback photos from VIP customers in Italy

Decent started working with the client’s company in June and maintained good communication during this period Decent flattery of perfect service: From the technical communication in the early stage of the order, to the feedback of the production progress during the order, to the after-sales service, Decent maintains a good working attitude, and we are very grateful for the cooperation of customer. Decent presents trophies to customer, hoping to maintain a good partnership in the future.

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People are afraid of two things: First is quality and it is obvious. Second is communications. Because they think that if communication is not good during negotiation, in future in case of problems it could only be worse. Thus people are afraid if they see that answers take long time to arrive during negotiation,or if questions are not properly answered.Many suppliers do not know this and do many mistakes.But we have long experience in dealing with customers from over 120 countries. [...]

Can it be used as an effective weapon to eliminate COVID-19?

Can it be used as an effective weapon to eliminate COVID-19?   1.Special designed fog cannon can disinfect the covid-2019 coronavirus by spraying chlorine-containing disinfectant. 2.Can be mounted on a truck, easy to move. 3.Can be used with a generator or connected to a local power source(voltage 220v,380v,415v, frequency 50hz or 60hz can be customized). 4.Delivery time: In stock. 5.Can be transported by air. 6.Meet the standards of exporting to Europe and America.

What are the dual weapons of dust suppression?

What are the dual weapons of dust suppression?    Decent Machinery mainly deals with fog cannon and misting system, we have exported to many countries. Purpose: dust removal, disinfection and cool down. Use environment:Mining,tunnel,construction sites, agriculture, gardens, street disinfection, airports, ports, and so on. Fog cannon can deliver water to the nozzle through the pressurization of the high-pressure ceramic wear-resistant plunger pump when the water supply pressure is 0.1-0.5mpa, and the fan can spray the atomized droplets to a distance of several tens of [...]

Shock! What kind of equipment can spray up and down and left and right

Shock! What kind of equipment can spray up and down and left and right   Do you know? The fog cannon can operate the machine with wireless remote control from a distance of 100-200 meters, The horizontal distance can reach 340 degrees, and the vertical distance can reach -10 to 45 degrees. A hydraulic pumping station system can be added to achieve a greater lift of the spray gun. So there are two ways to operate the steering system: 1. Driven by the motor, it [...]